Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what type of coverage I need?
Most people do not know the scope of coverage they need. That’s what we’re here for. We initially ask you to fill out a form that summarizes related particulars of information. Once reviewed by Fairmont, your individual requirements will be outlined and clarified specifically for you.
I can get insurance anywhere, right?
Sure you can get insurance anywhere. In fact, you probably are bombarded with insurance offers that may seem enticing. The crux of the matter though is that not all coverage is the same. The promise of cheap rates usually is accompanied by cheap coverage that is indiscernible to the layman. Unfortunately, it’s only after disaster strikes that the vulnerable client becomes aware of associated follies.
So, what makes you different?
The difference lies in who we are and what our focus is. As an experienced brokerage firm, appointed to do DIRECT business with the top insurance carriers, we can center on what works best for you alone. We’re not beholden to one insurance company so there are distinct choices. We scout our broad market-base, researching what policy and accompanying premium is an optimum choice. We search for the ideal coverage and do not settle on anything with pitfalls.
How else do you cater to clients' needs?
We pride ourselves on #1 customer service. To us, the 9-5 workday is an outdated mode of operation. We give clients our full attention and are available during office hours, as well as after-hours. We have a separate department devoted entirely to claims. This means we’re there for you when accidents happen, directing and guiding you through a complex process so you are well taken care of and can collect due benefits in a timely manner. Moreover, just before your policy meets its termination date, we look out for a possible lower requote in conjunction with the same or better coverage.
What type of coverage do you deal with?
For the most part we offer all forms of commercial insurance nationwide.

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